Reservations & Pricing

Pricing for Cottages and RVs

Cottage Rental Rates A-E

Cottage Rental Rates A-E

  • $390 to $450 Weekly – 1 person – plus tax
  • $89 to 139 Daily 1-2 people-$10 daily additional person
  • If you CANCEL or LEAVE in middle of your stay ,to bad we could have rented it to someone else
  • DEPOSIT of $100 per cottage,Refundable if Cottage left the way you found it, minus the dirty laundry
  • Can be paid in CASH . No Refunds for any reason.

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Susie Belle

Susie Belle

  • $139 to $159 per night – 1-2 people
  • $10 per person additional per night
  • Deposit Required

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RV Park Model

RV Park Models

  • $325-375 Weekly ;
  • All bills paid in that unit
  • No electric charge or deposit for TV box in Park Mode
  • If you CANCEL or LEAVE in middle of stay, to bad, no refunds

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General Information

  • Pricing subject to change and any time.
  • Special rates for Holidays and Special Occasions
  • Deposits $100 (NON-REFUNDABLE) required to hold reservation
  • Any pre-paid rent is NOT refundable, NO REFUNDS IF YOU CANCEL
  • Unless we have your deposit your reservation is not guaranteed
  • When you pay for your reservation the cottage is removed inventory
  • NO REFUNDS for any reason, that’s just the way it is